FOX Sports 1 college football analyst Clay Travis joins Jason Smith on Jay Mohr Sports to preview the upcoming NCAA football season.

Smith: “With the $70 million concussion settlement today, is this the NCAA getting ahead of the curve or was this something in the works all along?”

Travis: “The concussion story is the great untold story of football in America today… With the amount of money (the NCAA) is making off of kids and what they are giving back in return……at least by the time they get to the NFL, you can say that these guys are assuming the risk and being compensated very well to put their bodies through hell. In college, I don’t think you can make that argument and I think it’s smart of them to settle. More importantly, what worries me about the settlement is does it continue to advance the science of concussions and their study? Because if it doesn’t, then effectively you’re dodging and passing the bill here and you’re not in some way allowing parents to make informed decisions and as you grow older allowing the people playing the game make the decision as well.” 


Photo: Getty Images