UFC light heavyweight contender Daniel Cormier stops in to the Jay Mohr Sports studio and talks to his UFC 178 opponent, champion Jon Jones, directly on the phone…and sparks fly.


Jones: “I went up to the dude (Cormier…when I first met him), to say ‘Hey, what’s up, you’re a new black guy on the scene….there’s not many of us in the sport, let me introduce myself. That’s like a modified wrestler coming up to a varsity guy and saying, ‘Hey, you’re the best guy here, but I bet I can take you down.’ I was being sarcastic with him… I was trying to extend a relationship and he took it as me disrespecting his name and everything he ever worked for. It was just stupid.”


Jones: “I really had nothing against the guy, and he’s literally been obsessed with me since the day we met. He’s like some type of weird stalker. He’s formulated this whole relationship in his head of me offending and insulting him.  And supposedly the reason why he’s mad is because I never knew who he was. It’s just weird.”

Cormier: “It’s really sad that yesterday was the first time we heard our interpretations of that meeting. If we would have had this meeting year’s ago, I wouldn’t have been this crazed stalker. If that is truly what you mean, it all boils down to a misunderstanding that we never got to address.”


Jones: “Danielle (he called him Danielle!) has some flaws and major tendencies that he just can’t control. I’ve watched all of his fights throughout his career and he has the same tendencies that I’m so ready to exploit. I’m not going to say I’m going to knock him because I’ve never knocked anyone out in a UFC fight. It’s not about me knocking him out.  Every dude I’ve ever fought has been so severely beaten and sore afterwards and Cormier is going to be so sore the day after we fight.”

Cormier: “I haven’t fought at the level he (Jones) has, but I’ve beaten some good fighters in my career… Do I believe that I could beat all those guys that Jon Jones did? Yes. 100%......and I’m going to win the title against him on September 27th.”