Texas Tech Red Raiders Head Coach Kliff Kingsbury joined Jay Mohr Sports on Tuesday after finishing up spring practice. There has been some recent chatter that, as a single guy, he would entertain appearing on a future season of the Bachelor and we asked if that was realistic.

Mohr: "You said recently you wouldn't do The Bachelor if you didn't have a selection process with the ladies. Did you mean that? Would you go on if you could say yes or no to the girls who were selected?"

Kingsbury: "Yeah, that would make it much more appealing. I don't know if I would have time to fit that in but, I think every guy that's gone on there wishes they would have put that on his contract. And if they move the mansion to Lubbock, now we're talking!!"

Mohr: "Yeah, Lubbock mansion!! I'm a west Texas guy. My mom was born in Odessa and my grandmother was Miss Cisco. So, if we're in Lubbock doing the Bachelor with you I'll be your house maid."

Kingsbury: "Can you imagine how much alcohol they would need in a Lubbock mansion (laughing)!!?"