Former NY Mets Manager & NY Yankees All Star Willie Randolph joined Jay Mohr Sports on Monday and told us he would be a $10-$15 million a year player in today's game.....He also mentioned how bad he wants to be a manager again.

Mohr: “I read James ‘Catfish’ Hunter said you were complaining that you were only making $30,000 a year (during his prime) and you thought you deserved $35,000. You must wish you were playing now… You’d be a ten million a year guy…”

Randolph: “Easy $10 million dollars. Brian Kenny (from MLB Network) who is into sabermetrics, told me If I was playing today with they way they crunch numbers I would be making $10-15 million easy… I was ahead of my time with all that kind of stuff, but I wouldn’t have traded it for the world. I had some great years with some great ball players.”

Mohr: “Do you want to manage again?”

Randolph: “No doubt about it. I’ve been waiting for a while, ever since the Mets let me go. I went to Baltimore for a year and prior to that I was in Milwaukee for two years as the bench coach. I wanted to keep my name and face out there because I felt I really learned a lot from my first experience.”