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Mitch Henderson: Being “Cinderella” May Mean NIL Opportunities

Photo: Thearon W. Henderson

Princeton Tigers Head Men’s Basketball Coach, Mitch Henderson joins Dan Patrick on The Dan Patrick Show. He admits he is a little surprised to have advanced this far in the tournament but he says his players weren’t. They have a tight-knit squad of diverse kids who have come together and kept each other humble. They are embracing the Cinderella moniker and he thinks there may be some NIL opportunities for the players that come with the accompanying attention.

Dan Patrick: “...Do you guys have NIL money at Princeton?”

Mitch Henderson: “No, not the way other schools do. We have sort of a very different way of looking at it.”

 Dan: “It's legal now...”

Mitch: “It is.”

Dan: “You got an endowment that I think could buy you probably a national championship team.”

Mitch: “Yep.”

Dan: “But you don’t do that?”

Mitch: “No. And, you know, that endowment serves a very important purpose to the school, and that’s far beyond me...Now, look, we’re in the Sweet Sixteen so there are some opportunities for our guys going into this weekend that they can take advantage of.”

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