Joe Mazzulla Needs to Work on His Coach-Speak

Photo: Maddie Meyer

Dan Beyer & Rich Ohrnberger filled in for Doug Gottlieb today and they’re reacting to the game 7 disappearance of the Boston Celtics. While the loss isn’t entirely on Head Coach Joe Mazzulla, the guys figure Mazzulla could have handled his postgame press conference a little better. He sounded more like a petulant player than a leader of men and he clearly needs some seasoning before he’s ready for this kind of spotlight.

Dan Beyer: “He sounded like a player that shot 9-42 from the floor, not a coach who just coached a team that went 9-42 from 3-pt range.”

Rich Ohrnberger: “Petulant and defensive are the 2 adjectives that I’ll use to describe that, and it all has to do with tone.”

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