Aaron Rodgers’ Insecurity Followed Him to New York

Photo: Elsa

New York Jets QB Aaron Rodgers is talking again and Dan Beyer & Chris Plank, in for Doug Gottlieb, dissect his latest comments and identify his greatest strength and weakness. Turns out they are one and the same: his obvious insecurity. He still hasn’t let go of being drafted later than he expected, nor the Packers drafting of Jordan Love. His inability to let go of past grievances both fuels his success and diminishes his accomplishments. And, as his latest comments prove, leaving Green Bay didn’t soothe his fragile ego.

Dan Beyer: “Aaron Rodgers’ greatest strengths are also his greatest weaknesses because he just can’t let things go... I think it is who Aaron Rodgers is. And it’s: he’s insecure.”

Chris Plank: “He is so caught up in, I guess, wanting to be right in all of this...”

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